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Caddie Club is expanding to include wellness products for the active lifestyle as well as logo and caddie inspired merchandise. We are actively seeking online retail partnerships so stay tuned for more exciting announcements about new products and services under development.

FOREwellness  IDLifeFORE Wellness

Caddie Club is pleased to announce our partnership with IDLife, a direct sales health and wellness company located in North Texas offering a complete line of nutritional supplements, including IDNutrition, a revolutionary, personalized approach to vitamin supplementation that begins with a free, confidential, thorough online assessment determining each person’s supplement needs.
Integrating research from thousands of clinical studies over a period of 17 years, IDNutrition makes use of the latest advancements in nutritional science, including the science of ChronoBiology, which assures that nutrients are delivered to body systems when they are needed. The supplements are packaged in convenient, portable AM and PM packs that deliver exactly the right nutrients when your body needs them the most.

The company also offers a complete line of nutritional products, including Meal Replacement Shake, Energy Chews, Appetite Chews and Sleep Strips that safely promote restful, restorative sleep. IDLife products are organic, natural and non-GMO, Casein, Soy and Gluten Free and are listed on the FDA GRAS list. IDLife is a HIPAA compliant company.

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Caddie Services

Caddie Service – Fee Only from Caddie Club on Square Market

Traditional Forecaddie

Each forecaddie is a trained professional – one per riding group – who runs the course ahead of the players, spots shots from the tee, finds balls, gets yardages, gives shot advice, reads greens, tends the flag, and takes care of your course. We become your on- course valet, allowing your members and guests to fully enjoy their round of business or leisure golf.

Traditional Walking Caddie

There is no better way to enjoy the game than walking the course with a caddie. For the discerning golfer and his guests, it is truly the way golf was meant to be experienced. Our walking caddies are trained to assist in every aspect of member or guest service.

Caddies FORE! Cause from Caddie Club on Square Market

Caddies FORE! Cause

Your Tournament Forecaddie is a trained professional – one per riding group – who runs the course ahead of you, spots shots from the tee, finds balls, gets yardages, reads greens, takes care of the course, and, just as important, becomes part of your team. Basically, we take care of all the boring stuff while you focus on having fun, supporting a good cause, and making a few birdies.

Eagle Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Eagle Level Tournament Caddie

This caddie has extensive caddie, rules and course experience. Many of our Eagle Level Caddies are PGA Professionals, are likely a low handicapper and are confident in competitive situations. They are very good at reading putts and assisting with course strategy. Serious competitive golfers will appreciate their golf knowledge and attention to detail. Reserve this caddie well in advance.

Birdie Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Birdie Level Tournament Caddie

You can expect this caddie to know how to deliver quality caddie service and have some practical competition experience. They are active players but they may not be a low handicapper or a great putt reader. Birdie Level Caddies are more readily available.

Par Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Par Level Tournament Caddie

These caddies have earned certification from Caddie University® but may have little or no competition experience. A Par Level Caddie will carry your bag, keep pace, and keep your clubs and ball clean. They may be any age 16 or older, but able to perform basic services for the time and distances required