USGA and Amateur Qualifiers

usgaHave confidence in your caddie

Caddie Club has a long tradition of providing the highest level of service to competitive golfers. Our caddies have worked for PGA and LPGA professionals, players on all the minor tours, and for professional and amateur qualifiers as well. When a competitive golfer wants to take their game to the next level, there is only one source for highly trained and experienced caddies.

Caddie Club offers three levels of competition caddies, suited to the needs of experienced competitive golfers and aspiring amateurs alike:

Eagle Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Eagle Level Competition Caddie

This caddie has extensive caddie, rules and course experience. Many of our Eagle Level Caddies are PGA Professionals, are likely a low handicapper and are confident in competitive situations. They are very good at reading putts and assisting with course strategy. Serious competitive golfers will appreciate their golf knowledge and attention to detail. Reserve this caddie well in advance.

Birdie Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Birdie Level Competition Caddie

You can expect this caddie to know how to deliver quality caddie service and have some practical competition experience. They are active players but they may not be a low handicapper or a great putt reader. Birdie Level Caddies are more readily available.

Par Level Tournament Caddie from Caddie Club on Square Market

Par Level Competition Caddie

These caddies have earned certification from Caddie University® but may have little or no competition experience. A Par Level Caddie will carry your bag, keep pace, and keep your clubs and ball clean. They may be any age 16 or older, but able to perform basic services for the time and distances required