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authentic_caddy_18-clean jpgOne of the greatest things about the game of golf is its tradition and history as a gentleman’s game. The original 34 written rules have certainly grown over the years, but it’s the unwritten values and etiquette of the game that sustain it. Regardless of gender, skill or level of achievement, the traditions of game create an equitable playing field for all who step on the course.

At Caddie Club we hold the traditions of the gentleman’s game dear, even while modernizing the delivery of caddie assisted golf to every day players. It is, in fact, of so much value to us that it has become the core of our company culture. It is the basis of how we treat our employees, our clients, our vendors, and even our competitors.

Like golf, business should be a gentleman’s game. You can play with a competitive spirit without wishing your opponent to miss a par putt. You can strive to overcome your own challenges during a round while enjoying another player’s success. Business, like golf, is a game of infinite abundance not scarcity. All businesses, like players, come to the course with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The beauty of business, like a day on the grass, is that whether you play with your regular foursome or get paired with a stranger, the game is always enjoyable when played as a gentleman.

See you on the course!

The Caddie Daddy