Business Golfer

MBGLogof“Business Golf is the number one way to developing solid business relationships.” Scot Duke -Mr Business Golf

A good caddie becomes your personal assistant on the golf course during a round of business golf.  Your clients and prospects are top priority and receive the special attention they deserve. Nothing makes a better impression than being organized and free to socialize, without the burden of keeping up with golf club’s, calculating yardages, course maintenance, or tending the flag.

    • Improve Business Relationships

Just imagine playing a round with your partners, clients or prospects and focusing only on them and hitting your shots. Caddie service ads value to your round of golf and helps to build solid, long lasting business relationships.

    • Enhance Client’s Experience

Our caddies are true player’s assistants, taking care of all of the mundane duties associated with playing golf that takes away from having a good time with business associates. You and your guests get the VIP treatment from arrival until it is time for your  business to move to the 19th hole.

    • Increase Entertainment Value

Over 95% of all golfers never have the opportunity to enjoy a round with a caddie. We do the work, you focus on providing the experience of a lifetime to your guests. Our caddies are experts at helping to maintain a stress-free and fun atmosphere throughout your business golf round.

    • Effective Course Management

A great round of business golf doesn’t have to be a time killer, even when playing on a crowded course.  A good caddie can keep your group playing at a reasonable pace without host/hostess feeling they need to take control.

Caddie Service – Fee Only from Caddie Club on Square Market

Traditional Forecaddie

Each forecaddie is a trained professional – one per riding group – who runs the course ahead of the players, spots shots from the tee, finds balls, gets yardages, gives shot advice, reads greens, tends the flag, and takes care of your course. We become your on- course valet, allowing your members and guests to fully enjoy their round of business or leisure golf.

Traditional Walking Caddie

There is no better way to enjoy the game than walking the course with a caddie. For the discerning golfer and his guests, it is truly the way golf was meant to be experienced. Our walking caddies are trained to assist in every aspect of member or guest service.