Caddies Fore Cause

Show the other teams you mean business!

Book a Tournament Forecaddie for your charity scramble team and we’ll make a $50 donation on your behalf!

What could be better than showing up at your next charity golf event with your very own team caddie? Treat yourself and your friends or clients, and help give a little extra support to the benefit charity! Not only will all of the other teams be jealous, but your team will have the golf experience of a lifetime.

Caddies FORE! Cause from Caddie Club on Square Market

Caddies FORE! Cause

Your Tournament Forecaddie is a trained professional – one per riding group – who runs the course ahead of you, spots shots from the tee, finds balls, gets yardages, reads greens, takes care of the course, and, just as important, becomes part of your team. Basically, we take care of all the boring stuff while you focus on having fun, supporting a good cause, and making a few birdies.