Charity Events


Caddie Club is the perfect addition to your charity scramble tournament!

  • Adds a unique and fun experience for your tournament guests
  • Helps everyone play faster and finish earlier
  • Provides a great way to get your top sponsors the visibility they’re looking for
  • Makes everyone feel like a VIP

Tournament Forecaddie

Each forecaddie is a trained professional – one per riding group – who runs the course ahead of the players, spots shots from the tee, finds balls, gets yardages, reads greens, takes care of the course, and, just as important, becomes part of the team. Basically, we take care of all the boring stuff while your players focus on having fun with their group, supporting a good cause, and making a few birdies. Many clients will include a forecaddie with each sponsor group that also includes a foursome. It is not only an incentive that helps to sell more top level sponsor packages, but may also allow for increased sponsor revenue. Contact Us!

Tournament Spotter

Tournament Spotters are placed strategically around the course as spotters to assist every player as they pass through that location. A spotter tracks shots from the tee, find balls, assists with yardage, and takes care of the course. Caddie Club handles all the details and provides seamless quality service to your players. Tournament Spotters are a great economical option for clients wishing to provide caddie services to all event participants. Contact Us!

Cheat For Charity Tee Box Appearance Fee from Caddie Club on Square Market

“Cheat For Charity”

Caddie Club also offers an unique fundraising option that may be bundled with our caddie service or offered as a stand alone feature at your event. We set up an interactive trick shot demonstration on a strategic hole to entertain your players, and raise donations by offering a scoring advantage that’s too good to pass up. Our “Cheat For Charity” experience brings great value to your event at no obligation to your charity. Our flat appearance fee comes directly out of the funds we raise, with the remainder paid out to you on the day of the event. We have been very successful with this formula, generating $1000 or more in donations for the benefit charity. Order Now!

Custom Sponsor Caddie Bibs

Our VIP caddie services are a great way for a tournament sponsor to provide tremendous value to the players serviced at your event. The value to the sponsor may also be exponentially increased by our caddies wearing custom printed bibs with the sponsor’s logo. Two sponsors could even share this unique opportunity with a logo each on front and back. Our caddies become billboards for the sponsor’s brand which is in front of the players constantly for the entire round. We take care of everything through our custom printing partners, bring the bibs to the event, and return them the organizer to be used again the following year.

Event Based Digital Marketing

Caddie Club is uniquely positioned through our partnership with SyncLab Media to provide digital marketing services to increase exposure for your event and engagement with your guests and sponsors. Services may include social media marketing, Google+ event services, and on-site video production. We provide heightened exposure for your organization and sponsors prior to and long after tournament day. Video marketing content produced also becomes a valuable resource to market your event for years to come.